Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out with 2006... In with 2007!

I have to say that I am more excited about this New Year's Eve than any in my life! I am totally blessed in so many ways and for once in my life.. IN LOVE! 2006 has been a big year for me and below is a list of major events...

January - Divorced ex and he left home 1/17
February - Hurt my back, chiropractor assistance, painful
March - Drove myself to hospital on 3/5 with stomach pains, had emergency gall-bladder surgery on 3/7 and came home on my birthday, 3/9
April - Met and invited Toni into my home and also agreed for Destiny to move in with me while she was getting prepared to live on her own
May - Getting adjusted to room mates and staying on Weight Watchers the entire time
June - Carla and Michele come to visit, have to make Destiny leave my house and make a decision that I did my duty as a Mentor and it is time for me to move on, and Tomi and Annie come to visit end of June - July 5th
July - Destiny and her mom came and got her things on Friday, 7th... Toni and I went out and celebrated... Did not want to go out Saturday nite, 7/8, but something told me too... did not have one drink and wore black slacks and white top... sitting at table, Gilbert walks up and introduces his friend Drake and Gilbert leaves and I ask Drake to "Have a seat"... and the rest is history! As soon as I closed my door on the last person I stood up too... God blessed me with Drake.
August/September - Work a lot and does not end until now, 12/22/06.
October - Refinanced on my house and droped 1% rate... redid bedroom entirely... now it is my Princess Room! I am now officially debt free expect for my mortgage! Yippee!!
November - Go home for Thanksgiving and introduce Drake to the family. Everyoone loves my Mega Carribean Man!
December - Went home for early Christmas. Had a wonderful Christmas Eve entertaining friends and Drake and I cooking. We both love the kitchen! Christmas day was awesome and I love Drake more and more everyday.

Today is the last day of 2006 and it has been the greatest. I look forward to 2007 and turning 40 in March. I have started my business as Pampered Chef Consultant and hope to do very well. I also bought a vinyl cutting machine and hope to extend Oceanside Graphics. Drake and I grow closer and closer each day. We both plan on getting strict with our weight loss and exercise and becoming healthy! God bless us in 2007!

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