Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Wow... how time flies while you are having fun! Yes, it is a new year and a good one. 2007 was a good year overall. I left my job at Aon after 7 years and have settled into WellCare 5 months now. It was a lot of mixed feelings, but I like where I am and the person I have become. My new job has brought travel with my job. I have been to CT, MI, PA and headed to WI this month. Drake was approved as a US Citizen and will have his ceremony on 1/9/08. This will open many opportunities for him. Drake will now be Mario Alexander Drake. Drake is transferring to the Bakery department and has plans to become manager by the end of 2008. We also plan to move to TN in the near future. One day at a time and we are Blessed!