Thursday, June 18, 2009

June Update

I have decided to update my blog at least once a month. Time goes by and as much as I review other blogs on a daily basis - I forget about my own.

Life is good and can not complain. Would not help if I did. Just finished my Toastmasters meeting and I love it! I will be the VP of Membership for the next six months and I love the opportunity and challenge. Today was our first combined meeting at WellCare and we also had many new guests. The theme was New Beginnings and how true it is that each day we wake up is a new beginning. One speaker made the comment to try something new everyday - whether it be something different for lunch, a new attitude or joining a new club. The main point is we should make it FUN no matter what it is. Life goes by too quick and if all we do is complain about something, it will get us no where unless we act upon it.

Drake and I are doing well. We still have some issues to work through, but every relationship has them. My goal and new beginning starting today is to spend the time working through my situations versus complaining about them and getting all worked up.

I am down to 308 today and hope the scale continues to drop. My ultimate goal is to not gain it back and to continue changing my lifestyle and eating habits. That part will be with me forever.

I also want to go back to school and get my degree in Health Services Administration. It is never too late to go back. I attended Ohio University for three years and just requested my transcript. I have not attended college since 1988, but it will not stop me from completing my degree. I might have to start from scrath. My theory is even if it takes me 4-5 years to complete, I will still need to work 20+ years before I can retire. Two goals - eat healthy and finish my degree so I can live to retire and have enough money to enjoy life.