Sunday, September 06, 2009

August 2009

Time is flying and apparently I am not keeping up! I almost can't remember everything that has happened in August, but here we go.

I spent most of August preparing to start colleg at St. Petersburg College on Monday, August 24. There were so many different things I had to do prior to classes starting. This semester I am taking Human Anatomy which is in-class on Mondays/Wednesdays and Healthcare Ethics class that is online. I was able to transfer over my three+ years at Ohio University and I am persuing my bachelors degree in Health Services Administration. My first stop is an associate degree in Health Information Management. I will be able to start course work fall 2010.

I was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety for my first class on Monday, August 24. I felt like I would be the oldest in my class, I would not know how to study, I would fail before I started. After the first week, all of the anxiety went away as I am not the oldest and I still do have brain cells.

I also had anxiety for Drake as we found out he needed a biopsy on his prostate. This came as a surprise to both of us. His procedure was on Friday, August 28 and I am SO proud of him. I thought for sure he would pass out and not go through with the procedure. I called the urologist the day prior and explained Drake's fears and they were very gentle with him during the procedure. Drake and I were extremely exhausted after the tests. We will find out the results on Friday, September 11. Our fingers are crossed and we are praying for good news!

Drake was driving home one day and they stopped traffic on the bridge because there was a funnel cloud in Tampa Bay. He called me and I was like, "Take a picture!" and he said "No way, I am scared to death!" So I told him to 'duck' on the floor of his car if it came his way. Of course, I would have had my camera out! Here is a picture of the funnel cloud that was posted in the St. Petersburg Times.

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