Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 23rd ~ Week in Review

I started my new job at WellCare on Monday, 7/23 and it was overwhelming, but awesome! There are 3,500 people at my job and the campus is huge. Everyone is my department seems very nice and helpful. I feel I have made the correct move in leaving my job from Aon of 7 years.

I have gone to an hourly position, first time in I can not remember, but it works! Drake and I did Weight Watchers this past week and weighed in on Saturday, 7/28. I lost 3.4 lbs. and Drake lost 3.6 lbs. our first week! We are both proud of ourselves and especially me with starting a new job AND WW! Drake has been using the BowFlex and I can already see his body changing. That is my goal for this week!

We had a awesome weekend and have prepared ourselves for next week. I am so happy in many areas of my Life and proud of myself. I LOVE being 40 and finally... Living Life!

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