Monday, October 30, 2006

Hurry up before October ends... eek!

I can not believe how fast time is flying!! Wednesday will be November 1st. I have survived Open Enrollment season once again. Drake and I get closer each day. I refinanced on my home Thursday, 10/26 and my bedroom is in complete makeover mode! Cory Moon has put down hardwood floors, new dooor, painted, wall papered on wall to look like stone, new lighting and new window treatments!! It has been exciting, but the house is upside down. Not to mention there will be a party here Friday night for Pampered Chef and celebrating Drake's 48th birthday... wooohooo!!

Going home for Thanksgiving from 11/21 - 11/24. I am taking Drake with me, so this should be interesting. I am excited, but scared at the same time, shew!! One day at a time. Started walking this morning after the time change. Did my old 2.5 mile walk and feel great. Just gotta get myself back in shape food wise. Get myself back on program and lose as much as possible before the end of the year!

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