Saturday, August 05, 2006

One day at a time...

Life needs to be enjoyed one day at at time. It is so easy to forget we have only one life to live on earth and we need all enjoy every moment. This past year has been incredible for me. I have started standing up for myself and believing in the ME! I have stood up to people in my life that I never thought I could. My confidence comes from therapy, self-esteem, weight loss (60 lbs.!), positive thinking, exercise, my family and being grateful for every breathe that I take!

It is hard to believe it is August! Wow... time does fly when you are having fun. I love life and myself. I pray for my strength to continue to grow in this direction. I pray that I make the right decisions along my journey and when I feel myself stray off the road, I will steer myself back on the road.

Never stop believing!

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