Sunday, April 23, 2006

Simple Life

Wow, how time flies! I just read my last post and it was from 4/8. Life is treating me well. I have a new room mate Toni renting out my sun room for a few weeks so she can get on her feet. It was ironic, because I was in that same position 12 years ago when I first came to FL. Destiny is also staying with me until she gets her Independent Living status and can get her own apartment. I love having people around and also ones I don't have to take care of. That is definitely different for me.

My weight loss is yo-yoing. I lost 4 lbs. two weeks ago and gained 2.6 lbs. this past week. I have been doing really well and hoping I am retaining water with that last gain. I can not stress over the watching the scale, because this is my lifestyle change for the rest of my life.

Work is going well. Our new girl Nancy starts Wednesday and hope everything works out as planned. We really need to balance our team. I plan to stay as simple as possible dealing with work and life. Be grateful for each day and live life to its fullest. I am very blessed and I have my faith.

Here is a recent picture. I love this blouse I bought for my birthday. It is magical... I get so many compliments when I wear it.

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