Saturday, March 25, 2006

I live for the weekend!

This past week went by so fast and I got through my first week back to work. It is chilly today and Destiny and I went to Pass-a-Grille beach but only lasted about 45 mins. because the wind was blowing so hard that sand was everywhere! It was a good time while we were there. I love her so much and she is growing up so fast right before my eyes. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and giving me Destiny in my life. She still has a long road ahead but with YOU by our side... we will be just fine.

I gained 4.4 lbs. this past week, but that is the past and I have already got back on track. I am proud of myself for stepping up to the plate and recognizing that I was over eating last week. My friends are so supportive and my friends on the Weight Watchers 200+ Pounds community site. There are so many people battling their weight, but we are all determined to get there... one day at a time.

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